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The University of Huddersfield Department of Architecture provides a link to university researchers for DRU practitioners on research, residency and commissioning programmes. The Department provides access to on campus resources including access to research staff, and attendance on courses where appropriate.

The department has a well established network of practicing artists designers and technologists who contribute to teaching and research and form part of the DRU community. There are teaching opportunities for practioners on our undergraduate and postgraduate courses in the areas of architecture and spatial culture, multimedia, VR animation and installation art.

The department also offers Research Fellowship status to visting artists in residence.

Workshops, Labs and Associated Technical Support:

Materials workshops
Wood, clay and metal workshops, Electronics labs [further details available on request].

Multimedia and VR
Access to Janet academic network [T1 connection], MM and VR authoring and production facilities with standard software [latest versions] including: Macromedia MX suite, Director, BB Edit / VRML pad, Codewarrior, Microsoft Visual Studio, World Tool Kit, Virtools Dev (NEMO), 3D Studio MAX, Lightwave 3D, MAX/MSP (NATO, JITTER, Cyclops), Cortona (VRML) SDK Quicktime VR Authoring Suite, Livestage Pro, Premiere, After Effects, CAD/CAM, AutoCAD, ArchiCAD, Solidworks VR Headset dataglove, handcontroller, motion tracking system, Motion platform (6 degree of freedom), VR motion system, Icube analog-midi interafce and associated sensors, STAMP kit, IBVA bio-electro sensor system [further details and technical specifications available on request].

Installation project space
A booking system exists. Rapid prototyping labs, Stereolithography, CNC milling machine.

Reference and Archive
Access to Reference material and archives, with librarian support:

  • Main Campus Library
  • Architecture Department, Technical Reference Bureau
  • Architecture, Fine Art, and Design Slide Library
  • School of Music, Music Library and Archives

Secretarial support, including the production of transcripts and other texts for publication.
Translation services associated with publication.


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