Tuomo Tammenpää

October - December 2004

The Media Centre in collaboration with NIFCA are pleased to announce that our current AiR is Tuomo Tammenpää from Finland.

Tuomo Tuomo Tuomo

Project Description

During his residency Tuomo will explore sensor technology and physical interfaces using Max/MSP/Jitter software, in relation to investigations into controlled, interactive space and user reactions. His previous work has focused on themes of consumerism and the way that we create our identities through branding, as can be seen in his award-winning NEED project, a multi-platform “marketing and consumerism laboratory”.

About the Artist

Tuomo works as an active media artist and designer in Pornainen, near Helsinki. During the last ten years he has participated in several exhibitions in Scandinavia, Central Europe, Asia and North America, presenting video and media installations including FLOAT, a sound installation based on a ship, for ISEA2004. He also works as the Creative Director of Mindworks Ltd., a Helsinki-based digital design and engineering company, where he has been a leading designer and concept developer for several international digital media productions from screen based to spatial media design. He is a member of art collective and m-cult media culture association.